Aircraft Rides

This is your opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime adventure and take a historic flight on the last flying SB2C Helldiver in the World!! Experience the thrill of lifetime when you board the Navy’s deadliest aircraft of WWII.

When you take flight you will feel the power of the R2600-20 radial engine’s 1900 horse power as you sit in the gunner’s seat. This is an assault on your senses and an experience you will never forget. Reserve your ride today on the battleship destroyer! The “BEAST” is ready and waiting for you.


Rides are $1,195 for 20 minutes of actual air time. You will be fully briefed on the history and significance of the SB2C and its role in defeating the Imperial Japanese fleet. Your tax-deductable donation will help keep this extremely rare warbird alive.

Contact us now and reserve your seat in the only flying SB2C Helldiver in the world!!!

To book your flight, email or call 936-344-1180!