SB2C Specifications

Curtiss-Wright Corporation

Navy Dive Bomber

Wright R-2600 Cyclone (1900HP @ takeoff power)

Wing Span
49 Feet 9 Inches

36 Feet 9 Inches

14 Feet 9 Inches

Gross Weight
13,674 Pounds

Max Takeoff Weight
16,800 Pounds

Empty Weight
10,114 Pounds

Max. Speed
294 MPH

Normal Cruise Speed
Approximately 195 MPH

Rate of Climb
1,750 Ft/min

25,000 Feet

1,200 Miles

2 (pilot, radio operator/gunner)

2X20 MM Cannons with 800 rounds per gun and 2X.30 Caliber Machine Guns with 2,000 rounds per gun

Disposable Ordnance 
Internal bomb bay – up 2000 lbs of bombs, depth charges or a Mk 13-2 torpedo and two under-wing hard points – up to 500 lbs each of bombs, depth charges or unguided rockets

The Helldiver’s performance has been maligned by many critics, frequently without regard to the facts. Some comparisons to other Navy aircraft are enlightening. The SB2C-4 had a higher cruising speed and greater range (without drop tanks) than the TBM Avenger, and a significantly higher top speed. It easily outperformed the SBD Dauntless in every category except range. Its cruising speed was only two mph slower than the F6F Hellcat. Only the F4U Corsair, among contemporary carrier-based aircraft, had a significantly superior speed. The Corsair could carry the same load as the Helldiver but over a much shorter range. Of aircraft designed in the same, immediate pre-war period, only the Corsair outlasted it in front-line Navy service.